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Mobile Loaves Twin Cities

Amount Awarded: $31,521 ($18,907 member donations + $12,614 Schulze matching donation)

Providing food and clothing while respecting human dignity, Saint Joan of Arc Mobile Loaves & Fishes (ML&F) volunteers serve homeless and working poor individuals and families. Armed with fresh warm sandwiches, fruit, needed toiletries and socks, the ML&F catering truck ventures out into the community nearly every night of the week to serve our brothers and sisters in need. The truck serves meals four or five days or evenings each week. MLF is part of SJA’s Sustainable Partnerships program and operates jointly with Knox Presbyterian Church in South Minneapolis. Together, we are the Twin Cities franchise of Mobile Loaves & Fishes based in Austin, Texas, mlf.org.

Learn more about this organization at: www.saintjoanofarc.org

Mobile Loaves Twin Cities was the selected charity for June, 2017.

Making a Difference – The Power of 100 Twin Cities

Published in North Oaks Living magazine – March, 2017

Edited by Tara Myers

North Oaks resident Lisa Mattson loves spreading the word about The Power of 100 – Twin Cities, an organization she founded with several women from North Oaks and the Shoreview area in 2012. Lisa explains, “The Power of 100 is a giving circle for women who are interested in collectively giving to charities in our local communities. Any charity that is a 501(c)3 is eligible to benefit from donations given by members of The Power of 100 – Twin Cities.”

So how did The Power of 100 get started?

“This group of women had volunteered together for years at our children’s schools and sports associations,” Lisa says. “As our children got older, we were looking for new ways to support our local community.” A group got together and started brainstorming about ways to collectively give back. Through a quick Google search, the ladies learned about a group in Ohio called 100+ Women Who Care that was bringing women together to help address the financial needs of charities in their area. Lisa and her group used their model to create The Power of 100 – Twin Cities in 2012. “I am delighted to be a founding member of an organization that has such a simple, powerful, and effective concept!” Lisa shares. Since then, The Power of 100 has fostered the development of three new chapters in the Twin Cities; in addition to their group in the east metro, there are now chapters in Eden Prairie, Lake Minnetonka, and Maple Grove.

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Second Stork

Amount Awarded: $25,721 ($17,107 member donations + $8,614 Schulze matching donation)

second stork

Each year, thousands of new parents across the Twin Cities are stretched to bring their baby home from the hospital with even the most basic supplies such as diapers, cribs, clothing, receiving blankets and other essential items.

Founded in 2009, Second Stork is a Minnesota nonprofit that fulfills this real, immediate need by providing those critical items free of charge with no strings attached. Second Stork is not religious or political in its mission or operations, and works in ways to always respect the dignity of people in need.

Learn more about this organization at www.secondstork.org

Second Stork was the selected charity for June, 2016.

Local women pool their cash to power philanthropy

This article from PioneerPress.com

Maja Beckstrom, Pioneer Press

Four times a year, a group of women gather in Shoreview and get to feel like big-time philanthropists.

They use a fishbowl.

The women are members of The Power of 100 Twin Cities Women Who Care.

It’s a nonexclusive club. You simply show up, learn about organizations in the community, vote and write a check for $100.

On a Monday evening in early December, dozens of women sat around tables in a hotel banquet room. A few women in the corner holding glasses of white wine playfully pounded a table in a spontaneous drum roll as the names of three nonprofits were pulled from a glass bowl.

The name on the first slip was Alexandra House, a battered-women’s shelter in Blaine. The second was Theresa Listening Center, a program for homeless women in St. Paul. The third was Second Stork, a volunteer effort to give free diapers to needy new moms.

At the end of the hour, one would be selected to receive the total of all those $100 donations, plus a matching grant from Best Buy founder Richard Schulze.

“When you multiply your money, the impact is so much greater,” said member Lisa Mattson of Shoreview. “And there is this wonderful synergy in the room of women who all have an interest in doing something for someone besides themselves.”

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