Richard M. Schulze Will Provide Matching Funds Through Pilot Program

In the two years since the organization’s founding, charitable donations from “The Power of 100 – Twin Cities Women Who Care” have exceeded $100,000 to local charities. The organization, founded in September 2012, to-date has raised $100,230 for nine local charities, including its most recent donation in September to “Cars for Neighbors.” Cars for Neighbors, founded in 1999 under the name “Free To Be,” is a non-profit organization that assists Anoka County residents who are challenged with transportation issues.

Membership in The Power of 100 has increased by 40% in the past year and now totals 167 individual and team members. In addition, quarterly donations have increased by 30%. The newest contributor to The Power of 100 is Richard M. Schulze, well-known entrepreneur and founder of Best Buy and the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation. Mr. Schulze will engage in a trial pilot program with The Power of 100 beginning in December, and will match at a 2:1 basis, all dollars donated over a baseline contribution level of $12,500, contributing a maximum of $12,500 per quarter.

“Recently, I learned about The Power of 100, a group of individuals who came together, primarily through word of mouth, with the sole intent of maximizing their charitable giving, and I was impressed by the enterprising nature of their organization,” said Dick Schulze. “They are making a tremendous impact in their communities and, by joining their donations together, are making a big difference for worthy nonprofits.  Their ingenuity and commitment are impressive, and I’m very happy to be able to offer what I hope to be incentive to bringing new members to the group by providing a match for their quarterly donations to local nonprofits.”

Nine friends whose mission is to bring women together to make a meaningful and influential donation to local charities formed “The Power of 100 – Twin Cities Women Who Care” in 2012. With the collective power of more than 100 women, the group raises at least $10,000 each quarter for local charities and non-profit organizations. Modeled after similar organizations in other states, the group is now composed of 160+ women in the Twin Cities area, and is still growing. Requiring members to meet for only one hour every three months, the organization quickly obtained support from women around the metro area. At the quarterly meetings a charity is selected through member voting; the members each write checks for $100 directly to the charity at the event.

Charities that have received donations from The Power of 100 since 2012 are Washburn Center for Children ($8,055), Employment Action Center ($10,055), Avenues for Homeless Youth ($10,200), Domestic Abuse Project ($10,000), Spare Key ($10,500), YouthLink ($12,000), One Heartland ($13,450), Blair’s Tree of Hope ($12,970), and Cars for Neighbors ($13,000).